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Episode 151  Tressa Rappold

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Tressa Rappold:

“I was very much a feminist and I remember thinking to myself,  oh, I don’t think I will want to be a stay at home mom.   I think I want to have a career, but I did not realize how strongly I would feel the need to not be separated from my children.”

Her Story.

Tressa Rappold – Breastfeeding through pregnancy and tandem nursing

Come along with us on Tressa’s breastfeeding Journey. She shares with us personal stories of the early days of breastfeeding her first baby, breastfeeding during a pregnancy, what life was like tandem nursing, night weaning her toddler and child – led weaning with both her girls.  Tressa really gives us a window into her early mothering days and humbles us as she shares her personal story of going through postpartum depression and how she helped herself get through it.

Books :
Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Beyond

The Family Bed

Lesson learned:  Any trouble you have in the early days, get help with a professional.  No need to suffer alone. If your baby seems to be doing well, gaining well, you can relax and trust that your baby is getting what they need.  Try not to put too many rules into place.  If everyone is healthy, relax and enjoy it and just go with it.

Tales from the breast:  Called it nursies.  called it sauce.. from me saying:  other side, and she said saw, saw, and evolved into sauce, sauce.

Confessions of a breastfeeding mother:    I tasted my own milk.  Tasted very, very sweet.

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