Someday all babies who have feeding issues will be checked for oral ties.  Someday all babies on a routine basis will be checked for oral ties.

tonguetieSo sad that this is not currently happening.  Until that time, here are some common reasons why you would want to have your baby checked for ties, by an experienced IBCLC.

 If you think your baby is a lazy eater.. or are told your baby is a lazy eater.  Your baby truly does want to eat every hour, around the clock and rarely seems to be fully content.  His body is always in motion and you are always needing to hold him to keep him relaxed.

If you feel feedings are going well and than you have an opportunity to observe other mothers and babies breastfeeding.. and you notice and realize that your feedings are not nearly as smooth as the next moms.  Your baby fights to get onto the breast, takes a while to latch onto the breast comes on and off many times throughout the feeding, becomes increasingly frustrated as the feeding goes on, goes on nicely, but keeps slipping off… you have to work very hard to latch him on and keep him on.  You will notice that most other moms, notice their baby is hungry and rather smoothly latch their babies on and than settle into a comfortable and relaxed feeding, and you realize this is so not your world.  Your otherwise healthy and chunky and well gainin breastfed baby is beginning to get angrey and frusteated at breast, not gaining as well, does not seem content after more and more feedings.

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