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 Episode 33      Lori Thanks her Supporters

Just quick show today to say thanks. I know I don’t take the time often enough to say thank you. Sometimes we have expectations for things to just happen, go the way we want to, people to do things for us, and generally just make assumptions that things should just happen. So, I wanted to take a few minutes today to thank all my listeners to subscribing to the show, to sharing it with friends and family and co-workers and for exposing people who might not have otherwise just found this show by happenstance. Isn’t that how we spread the word about all things we think are good for our families. The best farmers market, the best nursery school, the best massage therapist, the best dentist and pediatrician and teacher and car mechanic. The best real estate agent to help find the house of your dreams, the best speech therapist. The list goes on. We like to share what we like. I try and do my best every day to share my knowledge and expertise on breastfeeding with every mother and baby that I see each day. I share some really cool websites that will help support what I have shared. I get into discussions with moms about parenting topics such as health and sleep and attachment parenting and I share websites that will help them learn more about these subjects. I get great pleasure our of sharing stuff that I like and I am incredibly grateful that you are sharing this show…. stuff that you like.

6 months ago I started off small, with listeners in the United States being my largest audience base. By the power of the internet, this show has continued to grow and spread across the world. Pretty soon, I had listeners in France and UK, China, Canada Sweden, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Israel, Italy, Belgium, just to name a few. Thanks to you AAB now has listeners in over 50 countries at my last count. One of my main goals when starting on this journey has been to normalize breastfeeding by educating the world about all things related to breastfeeding. To have people talking about breastfeeding issues… health issues, emotional issues, social issues, nursing in public, supporting breastfeeding mothers who are working in offices, who are traveling, who are serving in the military. I want the world to get use to breastfeeding being a normal part of the rhythm of every day life and the more who are exposed to breastfeeding, the quicker this will happen. The more we expose people from all walks of life to breastfeeding being the normal and usual way babies are fed, the less likely we are to have to endure the stories about mothers getting kicked out of places for breastfeeding their babies or told to cover up or go to the bathroom to feed their babies.

It has been a lot of fun getting people in my every day life more excited about breastfeeding. My kids, who grew up with their mother being a birth educator, birth doula and lactation consultant, really never thought twice about it. Now, as young adults, the really cool thing is that they are sharing my shows with their friends, and their friends are subscribing to the show and liking my facebook page. My mother, who never breastfed any of her 5 babies, and my sister, who has not breastfed, well, I lovingly and annoyingly pushed them into listening to my shows and now they have totally gotten this incredible education about all things related to breastfeeding. The most fun person in all of this, is my husband Alan. Now he has lived with me all of my career and he has listened to my stories and he has met the mothers I have worked with. He fully supported me with breastfeeding out 3 babies and having spent time in the Peace Corp in Liberia where everyone breastfed, and frequently spent their days topless, he never even though twice about whether or not his babies were going to be breastfed. he just assumed that as being the norm. I often think, thank goodness he married a woman who chose to breastfeed her babies. Wonder what it would have looked like if this were not the case? Oh well… Interestingly enough, Alan had had to listen to me, get on my pulpit, if you will, about things that pissed me off in the breastfeeding world. He would have to endure my rants about friends, family, textbooks, HCP who gave poor breastfeeding information, or about hospital policies that made it difficult for mothers to get off to a good breastfeeding start, or rant about poor moms who had little to no breastfeeding support in their household or their workplace.

Well Alan is my audio guy. He helps with the audio and editing of all the shows and there are many times where he is quietly working at the computer with his headphones on and all of a sudden I hear him proclaim loudly: What? Are you kidding me? Why would you do that? Why would they say that? That is awful. he will sometimes stop in his tracks to come over to me and say: WOW! Susan Smith had such an incredible story. She persevered with breastfeeding issues that I just don’t know ow many other would. I am so proud of her! He has listened to some of my guests talk about the beauty of breastfeeding, what the act of breastfeeding means to mothers, the emotions it brings up in moms and dads, the amazing health benefits. Listening to my over 40 guests and 6 months of shows has changed him in ways that just l iving with me and hearing me share snippets of stories over the last 24 years has never been able to accomplish. I am left thinking… if these amazing stories that I share can get Alan to a deeper place of understanding the importance of breastfeeding, to the mothers, parents, families, the environment and the world, then I am well on my way to accomplishing my goals. This, my dear friends is all because of you & I wanted to thank you for this!

Some upcoming shows that I am very excited about. Maureen Minchin is this extraordinary guest that I interviews a short time ago. Founding member of ILCA in 1984 International Lactation consulant Association, She became very interested in studying infant feeding and wrote several books on the subject of food intolerance, her interests stemmed from her personal experience raising her children. She is a well respected author, teacher and speaker. She is a career woman who totally altered her career once she became a mother. Her latest book is a doozy. I say that in the most respectful way. It is so big and covers so much information that I have not seen written about in quite this way. When I talked to her about the size of the book, it is college textbook size, she said: yes, it is like I have taken the last 40 years of my knowledge and downloaded it into one book! I thought that was a great way to describe it. Milk Matters, infant feeding and immune disorder – If you are driving or otherwise busy during this show, don’t worry. All you need to do is go to the show notes and links for info mentioned in this show will be there.

Shannon Becker will be talking about Essential Oils and the Use and Safety with our Family and Children
Brittany is a mom of triplets and she will be talking about her breastfeeding journey, with yes, successfully nursing 3 kiddos. I have one of my favorite podcasting friends, natalie Eckdahl from the BizChix podcast on the show. She talks about being an entrepreneur and combining this with motherhood and shares with us her breastfeeding journey with 3 kids. I have lots more coming your way and I look forward to you coming along for the ride.

always do your bestIf you are a new listener, enjoy going back to some of the beginning shows as you will learn more about myself and my reasons for doing this show. You can also take action so you will never miss a show. All you need to do is go to itunes and Subscribe to All About Breastfeeding. If you are enjoying the show, you can take a few minutes to rate and review the show so others can learn about us too.

To close todays show, I am going to read a quote from Don Miguel Ruiz who wrote The four Agreements. I always say that I am far from perfect, but I do my best to try my best. This is one of the agreements he talks about – Always Do your Best. Your best is going to change from moment to moment; It will be different when you are healthy as opposed to when you are sick. Under any circumstances, simply do your best. and you will avoid self-judgement, self abuse and regret.

Milk Matters: Infant feeding & immune disorder

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