Online group for expectant and breastfeeding mothers.  This will take place in a safe environment with a community of other breastfeeding and soon to be breastfeeding moms.

Expectant mothers will benefit greatly by connecting with other breastfeeding mothers beforehand.  Once you have your baby, we will be here for you, offering support and gentle guidance.

Mothers will be encouraged to share their experiences of daily breastfeeding life, while respecting the individual differences of each member of the community.

You will make lifelong friends as you learn about breastfeeding together.  You will enjoy the comfort of meeting with the same moms for 1 hour, each week.  FREE membership into your private Facebook Group so you can keep in touch with other group members in between online hangouts.

*** This group will be facilitated by Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC – breastfeeding specialist and experienced mother’s group facilitator.

Benefits of Joining this Online Community of Mothers


You don’t need to leave your home.


You don’t need a babysitter if you have another child.


You don’t need to travel with your baby in the car or public transportation to attend the group.


You don’t need to wake up a sleeping baby.


You don’t need to get all dressed.


Comfy attire is encouraged.


You have a built in support system that you know you will be meeting with once a week.


You will make lifelong friends.

Before and After – Online Support Group for Breastfeeding Mothers

Join us for an 8 week mothers support group, facilitated by Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC – breastfeeding specialist.

  • This is your time to meet with other moms and talk about all things related to breastfeeding.
  • Gain knowledge and tips on preparing for the early weeks of breastfeeding.
  • Learn what the most common challenges breastfeeding moms have and how to prevent them.
  • Learn how to tell the signs when breastfeeding is going well.
  • Make friends with other moms and enjoy informal conversations about new motherhood.
  • Great place to learn and discuss the most current breastfeeding information.
  • Friends and experts are here to help you become a confident breastfeeding mother.
  • Learn to trust your natural instincts & maternal intuition in the early weeks of new motherhood.
  • Best tips on making the transition back to work as smooth as possible.
Registration is Easy. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with further information on joining your group.

Wednesday group sessions are 1 hour

10:00am – 11:00am  AZ time

12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

9:00am – 10:00 am PST

January 16th, 23rd, 30th  2018

Feb. 6th, 13th, 20th 2018

New Bonus Date:  January 8th, 2018



Registration Fee: $160.00 for 8 week group –

Paypal, MC, Visa, Amex

***Refund: Before first group 50% refund

After first group – No refund

Makes a great GIFT

“I loved being a member in the Breastfeeding Mothers Support Group.  I always knew that at least once a week, I was going to connect with other moms.  Before the group, I felt very alone and my work friends just did not understand me anymore and I could not relate to them.  I found a group of mothers that I could relate to and ask my breastfeeding questions”


“This group has been a lifesaver for me.  I just needed other moms to talk to who were also breastfeeding.  Noone else in my family breastfed and I just was not sure what was normal and what was not.  It was great having Lori as the breastfeeding expert as she would tell us what were myths and what was the truth.  I found this very helpful.”


If you have comments or concerns please email me

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