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100:  Milestones and Memories  In today’s show, I am going to reminisce a bit and talk about my experiences as the host of this podcast and relive some memories that I have shared with guests.  I am also going to fill you in on what you can expect from Season 2 of All About Breastfeeding.  At the end of the show, I am going to explain to you how you can win some really cool prizes.

Featured Topic – Pumping and going back to work

Part 1 -5

Lori j Isenstadt, IBCLCIf you are like most new mothers, the transition from work to full time new motherhood is going to be pretty intense. It feels like just yesterday that you gave birth and your world was turned upside down and inside out. You have gone through this rite of passage that had this huge learning curve and the subject was new motherhood and breastfeeding. Now that you feel like you finally have your bearings, you take a look at the calendar and realize that it is getting close to your returning to work.

We are going to go into more details about pumping and storing and defrosting. Human milk is a fresh, living substance—not just a ready-to-use food. When you make the effort to provide expressed milk for your baby, you are ensuring that your baby continues to receive ideal nourishment and protection against many diseases. Human milk’s anti-bacterial properties actually help it stay fresh. The live cells and antibodies in the milk that discourage the growth of bad bacteria in your baby’s intestines also guard against bacterial growth when the milk is stored in a container. The interpretation of research on human milk storage varies widely which is why when you ask 10 different people about storage guidelines – What are safe methods and temperatures for storing and defrosting and warmiing, you may get 5 different responses. Let’s not get too hung up on the storage temperature information yet.

We take an in depth look at bottles and nipples and how to figure out which are best for your baby. We will also be spending time talking about one very important component. Your caregiver. Who will be watching your baby while you are gone and how you can share this info with them.

I will share tips and tricks to help you navigate pumping in the Workplace or School. This show is filled with lots of great tips on getting yourself ready for leaving your baby for that first day of work and school. I know from working with lots of moms, that what makes this transition easiest is to be incredibly organized and this planning takes place a few weeks before you go back to work and the next most important time is the night before. Putting all your stuff together and being organized. It can seem like a lot when I start going through all this, however, I give you lots of little tips and tricks that you just don’t find in the books.

Part 5 of this Series. I have taken notes of some of the most common questions I get asked on this topic and I am going to answer them

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