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Shannon’s Cloth and More

We are proud to introduce you to Shannon Guse, owner of Shannon’s Cloth and More.  Her philosophy is to  create beautiful, useful things out of a variety of textiles, and sell them for affordable prices that make them possible for anyone to own.

Shannon creates all the products you see listed below. She create beautiful, useful things out of a variety of textiles, and sells them for affordable prices that make them possible for anyone to own.

Her journey began several years ago when she was looking for a solution to painful, heavy menstruation, and she discovered the idea of cloth menstrual pads.  Her research led her to discover that disposable products often times have chemicals in them that alter the body’s chemistry, leading to heavier flow and longer duration – necessitating the purchase of more products, much to the manufacturer’s delight.  She decided she was going to make the switch to cloth, but when she started looking at the prices many other places offered, She had to come up with another option to fit within her family’s limited budget.

Shannon’s first cloth pads were the ones she made for herself. She very quickly discovered the difference cloth made for her body and health.  It was amazing!  Shannon began sharing her excitement with friends, who asked her to make some pads for them to try as well.  One thing led to another, and referrals became more referrals, and Shannon’s Cloth & More was born.

We encourage all women to learn about the options available to them, and to try these products out and see the difference in comfort and health that they can bring to you. Shannon offers great quality at affordable prices, so anyone can experience the benefits .

About the products

All of these cloth menstrual pads are made as a two part system: a wing and a snap-in liner. The wings are made with flannel and PUL (polyurethane laminate) for waterproofing and the snap-in liners are made with three layers of flannel. The purpose of this design is two fold: 1) Since the liner and wings aren’t sewn together, washing and drying is more effective; and 2) You can switch out just the liner with a new one and re-use the wings for at least one more use.

 Shannon’s Cloth offers three different sizes of cloth menstrual pads: 8.5″, 10″, and 12″. The 8.5″ pads are great for light flow/spotting days, incontinence issues, or back-up to a menstrual cup. The 10″ pads are great for medium to heavy flow days of your period. The 12″ pads are used for really heavy flow or overnight. You can also use the 10″ & 12″ pads during the postpartum period after delivering your baby.

For the postpartum period after delivering your baby,Shannon’s cloth  also offers the postpartum pad set. This includes one waterproof shell (using flannel and PUL) and three soaker pads. The shell features an ice pack pocket to help with swelling after delivery and gussets to help prevent leaks. The soaker pads are topped with soft minky and have a Zorb core for absorbency. This style of pad is great for the first 2-3 weeks after delivery, when your flow is at it’s heaviest.

 Another product that is offered for new moms are reusable nursing pads! These are more comfortable than disposable nursing pads and are more discreet in your clothing. They are made with two layers of flannel and a layer of PUL to offer a waterproof barrier to prevent leaks. She offers these in heart shaped or round shaped, whichever you prefer.

“Shannon’s cloth pads are amazingly comfortable and so well put together. No leaks and heavy duty for me! She is great to work with and you can see in the stitching that she puts great care and attention to detail in her work. Shipped order as soon as she was finished. Liked so much I’m placing a second order!”


“I just love this product! I ordered and she was fast at getting the pads done and to me within a week. The transaction was easy and she was very informative about how to care for the pads since I was transitioning from “over the counter” pads to a more natural option. I will definitely be purchasing more from Shannon, and will also be going this route when my daughter starts going through puberty and needs pads. This is a much safer option! Thank you Shannon! I wish I knew about you sooner!!”


“When I was nursing my third child, I wanted to try a different breast pad. I had used Medela disposable pads from the store, but wanted to try something a bit more economical. I bought 7 pairs of Shannon’s breast pads and fell in love with them. They were SO soft and comfortable and very easy to clean. I wish I had known about these cloths with my other two kids because I would’ve bought them back then. I have since recommended Shannon’s cloths to my new mommy friends and have even bought some as gifts. Shannon is super great to work with and they always come cutely packaged. I highly recommend her!!!”