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milksharingHistorically, woman have been sharing their milk.  Whether they directly fed another baby or she removed her milk either by pump or hand expression, she gave this milk away so another baby could drink her milk.  Woman have also donated their milk so it can be studied.  They have also donated their milk so other adults could drink their milk.  This is usually for purposes of health issues.  The wisdom of milk sharing is not for me to put my stamp of approval on nor is it something for me to disapprove or debate.  Below you will find information on formal and informal milk sharing.  I have provided links to websites that offer detailed information on this topic.  I trust that you will read the information and decide what you are comfortable with and what you feel is safe for your family….Lori J Isenstadt, IBCLC


Hospital, peer-to-peer networks provide donor breast milk



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Breast Milk Sharing

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