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“Breastfeeding is such a natural thing to do.”

Pregnancy and birth are natural things to do. And yet, most of us need help and guidance from experienced providers to help guide us through this exciting period in our lives. Breastfeeding is just like that..natural… most of us need help from experienced breastfeeding specialists to help guide us through this exciting time period. This is why All About Breastfeeding exists!

Please take a few minutes to listen to the video to the right. You will learn what All About Breastfeeding has to offer you. There is a gift for you to enjoy at the end of the video.

Online Breastfeeding Class

The Benefits of taking our Online Breastfeeding Class

Your online breastfeeding class make sit easy for you to schedule a time to watch it together. If this is not possible, your partner can watch it at their convenience.
Easy Viewing
You will always have a front row seat
No Reservatons
Guaranteed admission to class. You will never have to worry about registering too late or losing a spot in the class.
Fits your own schedule. You can plan your class time around work, family and leisure time.
Instant playback
No need to remember everything and no need to worry about take a break when you want to. You can always stop, rewind and review, at your own pace.
You can watch in your pajamas and sit on your favorite couch while you are attending the class.
Concentration level is high because you are taking class when you are most relaxed and energetic
Saves time
No commute. No driving in bad weather or heavy traffic conditions.
Bed Rest
If you are ill or are on bedrest and cannot leave the house, you can still take your breastfeeding class
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