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Welcome to the place where you can easily access TONS of FREE Breastfeeding information and GAIN valuable insight on best tips, how-to’s and “ need to know” about all things breastfeeding related.Please enjoy this All About Breastfeeding podcast on  nipple shields with Lori Isenstadt, IBCLC

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 Episode 31 Educational Series – “A” – Nipple Shields

A silicone nipple shield you will be offered today is a device that a mother places over her nipple-areolar space prior to latching her baby onto the breast. A nipple shield can be this amazing tool that helps a baby who would otherwise never have been able to breastfeed, to breastfeed. It can be a tool to help a baby who has early difficulty in latching on but when the original problem is solved, can transition to the bare breast. I love nipple shields for all the greatness they provide to the breastfeeding mother. I do want to share what I call the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to nipple shields though.

I notice that nipple shields are frequently given to moms in the hospital before discharge. This frequently presents a problem for several reasons. A majority of mothers do not have the milk volume to support the proper use of the shield. The colostrum is a highly concentrated fluid, with everything a newborn needs to sustain them through this period. However, it is usually a rather sticky substance and is in very low volume. This means that it can be quite difficult for the newborn to get adequate milk transferred when using it.

Lori talks about the reasons to use nipple shields and why it is important for mothers to be working closely with an IBCLC when they are using a nipple shield. They can be a big help for mothers. They can also hinder breastfeeding progress.

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