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Welcome to the place where you can easily access TONS of FREE Breastfeeding information and GAIN valuable insight on best tips, how-to’s and “ need to know” about all things breastfeeding related.Please enjoy this All About Breastfeeding podcast on preparing to have a newborn in the house with Lori Isenstadt, IBCLC

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Episode 26            Lori talks about what practical steps you can take before your baby is born, to prepare for having a newborn in the house

This show is all about steps you can take ahead of time to ensure a calm and peaceful household for when you have your newborn. She is  going to cover a small portion of her Ebook – The Guide to breastfeeding your newborn the first few days, and you can go to and download the rest of the Ebook for the rest of the information This will be available for FREE until the end of January 2016. She will have added much more and in February 2016, this will be available on the website as a booklet.

There is not a lack of information available about what you need to do to prepare for breastfeeding. Books, classes and items to purchase. Lori  loves talking about all this too. However, for now Lori would like to talk about some ideas, which are practical tips, and suggestions that are not necessarily shared. Some people think this is the boring stuff and just want to know what it is they should buy to prepare for your breastfeeding experience. She is here to say that you can have all the stuff in the world. You can have all the pretty things in pretty packages, just waiting to open up once you begin breastfeeding. However, there are also some things that you will be appreciative that someone told you ahead of time. Lori feels good know that she is planting those seeds and having you think about some of this boring stuff…  you need to hear this!

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