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Breastfeeding and the Law

lawIt truly does break my heart that I am even producing an article and having resources to share on this subject.
The fact that we need laws surrounding breastfeeding is crazy, and yet this is the world we live in.
Laws about breastfeeding in public places.
Laws about breastpumping in the workplace.
Laws about breastfeeding and jury duty.
Laws about breastfeeding and families that are going through a divorce
Laws about breastfeeding on planes and trains and subways and buses
It doesn’t matter that I don’t like it or that I think it is crazy that the two words breastfeeding and law have to be connected….Lori J Isenstadt, IBCLC

~~~~~  It just is the way that it is!~~~~~

So, I have created a Resource page that you will find the information that you are looking for when researching this subject.
Like all the other pages on All About Breastfeeding website, I am counting on you letting me know if I have missed something you would like to see added.