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Kate Fineske:

“What really took me by surprise is that I   I tried to mimic and create the life,  because I thought it was what I was suppose to do. To  really find out that was not what my needs  all the way and ending with —– what made me happy…”


Kate Fineski and family

Episode 010   Kate Fineske who is Assistant Executive Director of Mom-mentum shares why having your breastfeeding resources ahead of time can make the early days of breastfeeding easier

Kate Fineske’s story

Kate Fineskei is from Ohio and still lives there.  She is the oldest of 3 girls. My father was a phys ed teacher and a coach.- Typical family structure I grew up in.  Traditional family structure with the father that goes to work and the mother that says at home.  I was the athlete in the family. My father taught me how to fix cars. I would mow the lawns and I would travel with him to tennis matches  and he also taught me to fix cars. I remember we went on vacations with the money my mother saved.  My mother was an avid couponer with the basement filled with her coupons which were labeled and categorized and this is the money we used to go away on vacations.  Kate tells us that her mother and grandmother did not breastfeed and while they were supportive of her desire to breastfeed, they did not know how to really help and support her.  She entertains us with many stories of her breastfeeding days with all 3 of her children, from very difficult breastfeeding start with her first baby to a very easy, pain free, carefree breastfeeding experience with her third child. As the Executive Director of Mom-mentum, Kate tells us about her initial interest in joining the group, the positive impact it had on her role as a mother and how this led to her current role within Mom-mentum.  I am very excited to learn about all the projects Mom-mentum is working on and that the organization is alive and kicking so 40 years later to be there for mothers and families.  What she has loved being able to do this last year is working on is supporting and growing Mothers Groups. We are piloting a programming in Toledo, Ohio with a local MC group with a couple of organizations that  service youg others who have yet to graduate HS we are working on useing a grant and is taking trained MC faciliators and give them back through them offering facilitated groups. with these younger mothers.  It is spreading their mission and goal to spread the news that everyone has these challenges and everyone has succeses. and that  it is really good to talk about them.we are taking ourm others who are interested in getting back to the work force and finding an experience that can pay them through the skills that they learn through their MC groups. I am   Really hoping to build that program.  We are seeking funding for this.  Feel free to contact Kate Finiske for funding info.

LinksMy Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow, Natural

Here is a description of the webinar mentioned in interview case your interested to learn more about Mothers Center groups and how to bring Mothers’ Center Groups in your community. register and enjoy

Lesson learned: To look for other people that are in the same point of motherhood with you right now.  To be able to talk to them and to know that there are other resources out there.  It would have been so much better for me if I had known what my resources were ahead of time.

Funny stuff: I just thought I needed my boppy to breastfeed my first baby to the point of going somewhere and leaving my Boppy home, to the point of making my husband go out and buy another boppy because I did nt think I could nurse my daughter without her  It was not funny at the time, it was very, very frustrating,  but now when I think about how easy it is  that I could just pull over alongside the road and nurse my son.. in the car and no boppy pillow.

Confessions of a Breastfeeding Mother: I think it is the things that I look back on very fondly.  in the middle of the night, you are half asleep and half awake and their nose is right at the top of their head and you can smell the baby fuzz and I have never really shared that sensation with anyone else. it is such a great  point.  I just remember that sensation that I remember very fondly now knowing that I am not going to experience it anymore. It is almost as if it was right inf front of me now.

Words of Wisdom to the new mother: You are good enough at this!  You can do it!  You are good enough!

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