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Jessica Rhodes:

” I can understand that sometimes you need to be in a dress and you cannot access your breasts. I see no reason in preparing a bottle when I just always have the milk on hand .”

Jessica Rhodes

Episode 016     Jessica Rhodes: is the Founder and CEO of Interview Connections. She is married and the mother of two, an active toddler Nathan and 3 month old Lucy who she is currently breastfeeding.

Jessica Rhodes Story.

New stuff learned about Jessica Rhodes. She is a twin! Her mother did breastfeed her and her siblings for about 6 months each. Now that Jessica Rhodes has breastfed two babies, she can really appreciate the fact that her mother breastfed twins. Jessica grew up in South Eastern Pennsylvania She met her husband in college and carried on a long distance relationship. The day after she graduated college, the moving truck came and she left for Rhode Island to be with him. She had her first baby Nathan a few years later and Lucy just 3 months ago. She started her business when she was pregnant with Nathan and has been working from home, until just recently when she started working from an office from outside the home. Jessica shares a lot about her early breastfeeding experience with Nathan. At a certain point, she realized that she had an abundant milk supply and shares some funny stories about milk leaking and milk spraying and brings lots of humor to her breastfeeding experience. Jessica wants to encourage other mothers to breastfeed around other family members and friends. She agrees this is what we need to happen in order to help normalize breastfeeding. The critics are allowed, but they are in the minority.

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Book Suggestions: StrengthsFinder 2.0


Jessica’s favorite product ever: Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage BPA Free

Tales from the breast: When you are nursing on one side, you will leak on the other side. You put this silicone cup on the side that you are nursing on and you can catch some extra milk that would have otherwise been lost. She would collect an ounce from each time and at the end of the day, she collected about 4 oz, which equaled about 1 bottles worth.

Funny stuff: My sons reaction to breastfeeding and pumping. I breastfed him but he doesn’t remember it. The first time he saw me nursing Lucy, he was like: what is going on? One time he held the pump up to his chest and he says: I’m getting bigger! Not so funny things also, like he has broken some of my pump parts.

Words of Wisdom to a new mother: “This too shall pass.”

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