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Breastfeeding Insurance Reimbursement

Could my lactation services or breast pump be covered by my insurance?

More of our clients are receiving insurance reimbursement, so submitting a claim and appealing initial denials are always worth the effort. Even if the services are not covered by insurance, the claim should be reimbursable if you have a Flex Spending account. You will be given a receipt with diagnostic codes which makes it more likely that your will be reimbursed by insurance.

The overwhelming amount of scientific evidence to the benefits to breastfeeding has been influencing many insurance companies to include breastfeeding related costs into their benefit plans. They will often cover International Board Certified Lactation Consultant services or the purchase of a breast pump.

Tax Benefits You Should Know About:

Have you taken advantage of the new tax benefits for breastpumps and supplies yet? If not, here’s what you should know about potential cost savings.

  • In February 2011, the IRS reversed its previous ruling, which denied breastfeeding-related supplies from being covered as a health expense.
  • The decision to include it as an allowable health expense is a major milestone for nursing moms, as breastpumps and supplies that assist breastfeeding are now considered “medical care” and tax deductible.

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