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Breastfeeding Consults in Phoenix


Breastfeeding Consults – As a experienced IBCLC it is my mission to help all mothers breastfeed. I can go to your home or you can come to my office in Peoria. Book today.  .

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Breastfeeding Consults – Every mom has a unique journey. Hear what some of our clients are saying about their experience with Lori

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Why you might need a consult –  .

Lori is very helpful and would recommend her to anyone! I have used her before 19 months ago with my daughter. I was to the end of my patience with the whole breast feeding with raw nipples and engorgement. I was ready to give up! I called Lori and met with her and went home feeling confident that this was going to work now. And it did!!! I was so pleased with her services! She knows sooo much bout a breast feeding and has all the right things to help you be successful at it. I even went back last week with my newborn I just recently gave birth to. She is GREAT!!!! Thank you Lori….. Heidi

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Breastfeeding should not hurt – at all.  Please don’t stay home suffering with pain or supply issues.Breastfeeding is a learned art and skill, unique to every mother and baby.  Schedule your consult so I can help you resolve your breastfeeding challenges  

After my third baby arrived, my early breastfeeding days were really tough due to an oversupply issue that caused two cases of double mastitis. After suffering through these issues for months with my first two children, I knew that I needed help. Lori SAVED ME! With the help of her wisdom, encouragement and support these issues were quickly resolved. I’m so thankful that am able to enjoy nursing my son, instead of being in constant pain and needing antibiotics for repeat infections. I wish I found Lori in the past. If you or someone you know is having breastfeeding difficulties of any kind, please call Lori immediately! Meeting a professional in person is more valuable than trying to navigate advice from an article, website or book. Lori’s services are truly priceless and you are not alone.

 Brandi (2012)

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Breastfeeding Help


Sometimes you have questions or concerns about breastfeeding your baby is born.  You know those questions that keep you up at night –  Will your breast surgery or medication you take or health challenge you have – interfere with breastfeeding? How do you work with an unsupportive partner or other member?  The best pump or bra or nursing clothes or pillows to use?  So many topics to cover and I help you work through it all and provide answers that best fits your unique situation.

I had a wonderful experience with Lori! She was patient and encouraging and answered all my questions.  I had lots of fears going into breastfeeding and she validated my concerns and responded in a very professional manner.  Her easy going attitude made me feel comfortable talking to her. She has so  many resources to share and knew exactly what I needed.  I highly recommend you consulting with her.  It was money well spent.”

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Breastfeeding Class


Let’s work together to make the transition to motherhood a smooth one for you.  There are many decisions to make beginning from what your first trimester through the first 3 months at home.  I listen to all your concerns, questions and offer you resources and information and education.  I answer your questions and together we develop a plan that is going to take you from being frazzled  and unsure to feeling organized and prepared to have your baby.

“Lori was amazing.  She was incredibly informative and had a nice easy going personality.  When I first met  her I was feeling quite overwhelmed. She was able to take all  my concerns and answer each one in depth.  There are tons of breastfeeding products that I was dizzy with the choices.  Lori helped me make wise decisions that I know saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend Lori.”

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Lori Jill Isenstadt, IBCLC, RLC, CCE, CBD –

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Registered Lactation Consultant

Certified Childbirth Educator

Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula

What  people are saying about Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC


“Lori is a pleasure to work with. we had an appointment for 30 minutes but ended up spending more than 90 minutes. its incredible to know how learning about baby holding position can help you. My baby has been feeding really well once we started implementing techniques taught to us. LORI, THANK YOU”

...Swathi N

Amazing Consultation

“Lori is amazing…just seeing her for an hour helped me and my baby so much. Its incredible how just positioning can have such an effect on effective breastfeeding. She got him to latch in a matter of minutes after I had been battling with him to latch for 5 days and him making my breasts raw and cracked from latching incorrectly. Now my baby is doing great and no longer fighting me to eat & my breasts are healing from all the trauma. The time and money spent with Lori was COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!”

...Jamine F

Aaaaand Relax

“Quite simply, Lori was awesome! Since her visit 3 days ago, I feel like I understand my daughters needs better than I did in a whole 2.5 weeks. She made me just take a breath and start listening to what daughter was telling me rather fit her into a fixed, rigid schedule. I feel like me, my husband and daughter are more relaxed and happy, and it shows! I now also have a better latch for fuller feeds. Thank you!”

...Jordan O

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Breastfeeding Podcast


All About Breastfeeding podcast – FREE – Listen to mothers share their breastfeeding stories, learn the most up to date breastfeeding information, hear authors talk about their latest books.

“Wow!  Just from listening to the introduction, I was already hooked. The host Lori is fun, personable, and really relatable. The interviews she shares highlights so many different mothers and breastfeeding experiences, that any listener is sure to find multiple mothers which they can really relate to, connect with and learn from.  Thanks for providing a great resource and a unique way to learn through others’ experiences.!”

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Resource Library


 Free Resource Library –  Here are some very cool checklists that you can download that will help you with the early days of breastfeeding.

“I have some excellent handouts and checklists for you to utilize right away.  There are resources being added every week, so be sure to check back frequently.  Feel free to share this page with all pregnant and new moms you know.  Lori “

Advocating for the breastfeeding family.

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