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Fiona Lange Sharpe


“I had these 2 beautiful angels that stood besides me…….. down that hall…. sat me down in that pumping room and they said to me:  we will pump it for you. Your baby needs your breastmilk and we are going to keep doing this until we get enough for him.”

Fiona Lange Sharpe, IBCLC
Episode 004        Fiona Lange Sharpe, IBCLC Fiona shares her journey into becoming an IBCLC. Like so many of us who came into this  profession, it was the birth of her first son that sparked her interest in helping other mothers breastfeed.

 Her Story.

When she was in the UK, Fiona  worked in maternal health.   The  standard of care at that time was for moms to breastfeed for 6 weeks.   She was living in Toronto at the time she had her first baby.  The expectation was for her to breastfeed for 6 weeks.  Fiona shares in detail how she broke that mold, went on to breastfeed longer than expected and increased her breastfeeding knowledge as she had more babies and grew into motherhood.  Fiona gives very detailed information on the roles and titles of the various breastfeeding helpers and how she has been able to clearly define the roles to mothers she meets.  We also learn how a chance meeting with a representative from GOLD Online led to her current position with GOLD.


Funny Story:  I was in  a crowded elevator with my boys.   My 2 1/2 year old,  he just keeps going on and on about how he wants boobie.. I want milk.. I want boobie.   Once he started, my 3 year old than started saying the same thing and it just went from bad to worse.   This was 20 years ago and there was no getting out of this situation and the poor people in the elevator who may not have been hip to extended breastfeeding got an earful.

Tales from the Breast:   My favorite T-shirt that I love to wear.   It says:  Tata technician.

Confessions of a breastfeeding mother:  I was one of those mad woman who was breastfeeding 3 babies of my own at once.   A newborn, who was a heart child, with congestive heart disease and 2 toddlers all nursing at the same time.  And looking back on it, I am so pleased.  What a blessing!

Words of wisdom:  Don’t be afraid Fiona, don’t be afraid.  Just keep going.  Fear got in the way of so many things as a new mother.


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