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M. Eve Hurwitz

“The culture in Sweden is so very different. They have 18 months paid leave that is split between parents and formula is extremely difficult to find in stores. Because it is a breastfeeding culture, you will have people who will help other women to breastfeed because it is so entrenched in their culture.

M Eve Hurwitz podcast
Episode 014     M. Eve Hurwitz talks about how her first birth and breastfeeding experience shaped her early mothering and turned her into a lactavist and crunchy mama.

Her Story.

Eve Hurwitz went to school for music and graduated as a classically trained vocalist and graduated with a music degree. She had every intention of going to NY and becoming rich and famous. Six months after graduation she realized that was not going to happen. Needing to pay the bills she got a job with Quickbooks. In Sept of 2001, her sister was suppose to be on Flight 93 and she lost 30% of her clients that day. Mad and angry, she joined the Navy. Eve planned on making that a career, but after the birth of her first baby, she realized she could not deploy. So, she went into the reserves, went back to Quickbooks. After the traumatic birth of her first baby for which was diagnosed with PTSD, she decided she wanted a very different experience with her second and planed a homebirth, she encapsulated her placenta and went “full on” crunchy and this was life changing.

One of Eve Hurwitz friends found kickstarter link for The Milky Way. She knew that she needed to be involved and stalked them for a month until they paid attention to her and hired her as part of the team. This film has been released in 36 countries since May and is an amazing documentary by for and about women and mothers. The Milky Way is a combination of a breastfeeding documentary and a formula industry expose. The Milky Way Foundation continues to receive powerful feedback from the professional and breastfeeding community about the documentary.

Eve Hurwitz shares her birth story with her first baby where she describes the trauma and how disconnected she felt from the birth and her baby. She also tells us how her experience was very different and incredibly positive when she birthed her son. Eve talks about how she wet nursed her friends baby. She knows there is a stigma associated with this and talks about “milk call.” and her interest in breaking down the barriers and normalizing wet nursing. Very fascinating information. Eve talks about creative projects to support and normalize breastfeeding. She will be back for another show to tell us about Breastfeeding Art and about commissioning an artist to create a statue of a nursing mother and have these statues in every city.

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Book Suggestions:Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple

Funny stuff: When people tell me how well behaved my son is, and they ask me: How do you do that? I just tell them: give him the boob whenever he wants and he loves it and is good to go!

Confessions of a Breastfeeding Mother: I’m Done. He is 3 1/2 and I am a huge breastfeeding advocate. I have been nursing for 7 1/2 years and I fell all touched out. Jacob is ready for it. I have been away for a week and he is fine. When I come back, he wants it, but I know he is ready.

Words of Wisdom to a new mother: Give it 6 weeks. It will get better. Just give it time. Hang in there, it will get better.

Things Eve is currently work on: Paid Leave. FMLA only 40% of population is eligible for it, but enough people cannot take advantage of it.

Contact info:

Offer: [email protected] You can find out info on CEU’s for viewing this fabulous documentary

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