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Elisabeth Davies:

“In this moment I can handle everything that life brings me one moment.. at a time. I come fully equipped.. one moment at a time.

Elisabeth Davies podcast

Episode 018        Elisabeth Davies holds a Master’s degree in counseling and helps her clients manage addiction, depression, and helps people recover from unhealthy habits and compulsive behaviors.Elisabeth is an author and also writes mental health articles for Together AZ Paper and Arizona Health and Living Magazine.

Elisabeth Davies Story.

Elisabeth Davies tells us that her mother breastfed all 6 of her children. She has memories of her mother breastfeeding her little sister. Elisabeth Davies grew up in Tuscon, is married , lives in Phoenix and has 2 adult children. She had an emergency cesarean section and tried to breastfeed her son several hours after his birth. She became upset and spent some time crying because she was trying hard to breastfeed but she could not get her son to latch on. She spoke to her nurse and requested the help of a lactation specialist who could help her with breastfeeding. And the nurse took her crying baby from her arms  and she said out loud to my newborn baby, “your mommy is so mean, she won’t feed you.” I burst into tears. The Lactation Consultant figured out that he was putting his tongue on the roof of his mouth and she helped Elisabeth with latch  and within 24 hours her son was breastfeeding well and it went easy from that point on. Chase is now 19 years old, and yet Elisabeth clearly remembers the nurse who said such harsh words, all these years later. Elisabeth stopped nursing when her babies got teeth. She just did not know that you can get through this period with some help. Elisabeth offers valuable and insightful information and advises on how pregnant moms can manage their eating habitsthroughoutt their pregnancy. Extreme eating habits are often born out of morning/afternoon/evening/all around sickness and the times when pregnant moms are so hungry and have to fight off urges to eat high carbs and sweets. She offers some great tools and skills to help us deal with stress and anxiety during pregnancy. This info is practical and no cost and is real helpful for any time during our life.

Book Suggestions:
1.Good Things, Emotional Healing Journal: Addiction

2, Your Health is Your Wealth: Working Out the Inner Self For A Fit Outer Self: Creating Effective Behaviors For A Healthy Weight


3. A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever


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