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Eddie Donato:

“Pope Francis stated that women should be allowed to breastfeed wherever they want in the Sistine Chapel. It does not matter and  it is something that they should be able to do and I thought it was huge coming from the head of the Catholic church”

Eddie Donato The Ed Talks podcast

Episode 42   Ed Donato is a husband and dad who running 2 businesses with his wife, as well as hosting a top of iTunes New and Noteworthy podcast in several countries    “The Ed Talks” – helping busy mums and dads to feel energized again.

Eddie Donato shares his personal insights about how he viewed breasts before his wife gave birth and after when she started breastfeeding: Yes, Eddie is the first Dad that I have interviewed on the show. Before his wife became pregnant he saw breastfeeding as being a natural part of normal everyday life, However, he does admit that being a guy there were some uncomfortable aspects of it. Being a guy and being attracted to woman and being attracted to breasts and seeing them with their breasts exposed, it was uncomfortable. There were times when he would be having a conversation with a woman and one part of his brain is going wow what a beautiful woman and looking at her breasts and the other part of his brain is like – look the other way.

Eddie Donato grew up in a rather religious household that things like sex education were not being talked about. However, he definitely has always felt that breastfeeding is something that was totally natural. He was never offended previously to his wife having their child and it is not something that he never found offensive. If anything, it was just about him feeling uncomfortable with the sexuality part of it.

In Australia, he thought breastfeeding was pretty well accepted, but his wife mentioned that recently a friend of theirs felt uncomfortable in a local cafe when she was breastfeeding and this was based on the response and reactions about nursing in public. In Australia, it is legal and a part of federal law that a woman can feed or express wherever she likes. It is illegal for someone to discriminate against women that breastfeed, yet he has seen articles in tabloid papers that stated that 1 in 4 people in Australia find it offensive if women are breastfeeding in public. Among his group of friends and community that he lives, it is definitely well accepted. It is very well accepted as a natural part of life and a beautiful thing, but there still is a bit of an issue in the greater population. Eddie says that since Australia is a multi cultural society with people coming from all backgrounds and some perhaps from a more religious background that perhaps this may explain the degree of uncomfortableness.

Eddie Donato gives us a guys perspective about seeing woman breastfeeding in public and how this differs from seeing woman walking around in bikinis and print ads:

He says that he definitely looks at it differently since his wife gave birth and has been breastfeeding. He sees the breast as this amazing giver of life and when he sees other moms breastfeeding, the sexuality part does not come into his brain, but rather this amazing and a joy of life that is being passed from mother to sustain her babies life. He says that it is amazing how the chemicals in his brain have flipped around.

Sometimes you are getting a lot closer to that part of the breasts that you know you are not going to see in a bikini, but when she is breastfeeding you know you might get to see a bit more and that can get a guy excited. Of course, Eddie is worried that one might look at him odd, however, he just states that this is a common guy thing and I definitely agree.

Eddie gives us some more perspective from a guys point about what the early days of breastfeeding was like for his wife. He talks about the fact that there was no specific education about breastfeeding before the birth. They knew she was going to breastfeed as they are very health conscious and wanted the best for their son. They felt it would come naturally and had no idea that there might be a learning curve and it would take time.

Eddie also talks about being blown away at how wonderful and life changing it is to become a Dad, and yet how difficult life can be when becoming new parents. There is sleep deprivation, supporting your wife, lots of new things to learn, not feeling knowledgeable about a lot, relationship strains that are common and how all of this affected their overall health.

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