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Bruce Odze

” When I realized when talking to one of the teachers, that there was supposedly 10,000 unemployed PhD philosophers, I decided that school was out for me and I was going to make the trek out to this place called California and in particular, to San Francisco to see the ever evolving new culture and to follow the Grateful Dead..”

Episode 80       Bruce Odze is a lead security screener at San Francisco International Airport. He has worked there for 13 years.  He has lived in San Francisco, CA for  40 years & takes pride in having the title of being of one of the earliest Deadheads.

Bruce grew up on Massapequa, Long Island and lived there until his early 20’s at which time, he headed West to SF and has lived there ever since.  He has spent over 20 years in meditation, psychic and healing programs and has a license as a minister in the state of CA.

He lived the life of a self-proclaimed hippie for many years, until he was hired to be a Security Officer at the SF Airport.  I invited Bruce on the show today so he can  share with us some valuable tips on traveling through airport security with breastmilk and breastpumps. He begins by telling us about his initial interest in college and why that didn’t quite work out for him.

His Story.

Getting rid of his long hair: Bruce talks about how his hair and beard were very long, way past his chest. He tells us why he changed his tye dyed ways in order to secure his job.

His job: Bruce shares how the security team has changed and evolved through the years. He explains how there have been times when he comes on shift and new rules apply that he now has to comply with. This is all without advanced warning. So, he definitely understands and empathizes with travelers who are frustrated with all the security measures and the changes that are made. Bruce shares with us valuable insight to help make their travels a bit easier and less stressful. He gives us some helpful tips on going through security with breastmilk and breastpumps.

Lesson learned: -Tips to pass on to parents: Check with TSA website to find out what the most current rules are around traveling with breastmilk and pumps. It might be good for them to bring a few Ziploc heavy duty freezer bags with them in case your freezer ice pack cannot go on plane with you ( because it liquifies and now does not meet the requirements of liquid volume safe to take on plane) . You can request ice once you are on the plane. You put this in your ziploc bag and this will keep your milk cold.

No so Funny stuff: BLUE CONTAINER RULES. Some parents can really get upset when we have to take the blue freezer containers away. I have had passengers get so angry they slam it down on the ground or they throw their container filled with breastmilk at me. I have had guys come and stand in front of me to defend their wives, their women and their breastmilk and say “How dare you take away the breastmilk.”

Confessions: I am also a private citizen and have to go through security just like anyone else. All the information is on the website and the more knowledgeable people are about what the rules are, the smoother their experience will be.

Links: Since the rules changes frequently enough, you will want to check out your airline’s policies, shortly before you leave for your trip. Special instructions for transporting breastmilk – FOR MORE details on liquids check out this link – Medically required liquids, such as baby formula and food, breast milk and medications are allowed in excess of 3.4 ounces in reasonable quantities for the flight.

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