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Breastfeeding Support Group


Online breastfeeding mothers group – This is a mother to mother support group which through information, education and support, encourages a confident and positive approach to newborn mothering and breastfeeding.  .

“I never realized how important it was to be around other new mothers – until I had my baby.  Not everyone understands the breastfeeding mother and how hard it can be sometimes.  A huge plus is the convenience of meeting online so there is no need to drive to a group.  There is nothing better than getting to know other moms who all know exactly how you feel.  Having an experienced IBCLC educating and supporting us is very helpful too”

Do I Need a Breastfeeding Classes

” I cannot express how important Lori’s help and support were to myself, my husband and my son.  I wish I had taken her class before I had delivered, and I am so glad I found her.  I strongly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to breastfeed, she is AMAZING.”
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Basics of Breastfeeding

Your breastfeeding class will include the following information:

1.  How the breast makes milk.

2.  How to get started with early breastfeeding.

3.  How to know if your baby is latched on correctly.

4.  How to know if your baby is getting enough at breast.

5.  How to recognize newborn feeding cues.

6.  How to be prepared for the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding.

Additional information given during the class:
1.  Helping your partner enjoy the breastfeeding experience.
2.  Community breastfeeding resources.
3.  Breastpump information – How to know which one is for you.
4.  Returning to work – pumping and storage guidelines.
5.  Breastfeeding products to increase your comfort and enjoyment.

The Basics Of Breastfeeding class fee is $60.00.  The class includes all of the above information plus:

1.  A packet of breastfeeding handouts and some sample products.

2.  Refreshments served during a scheduled break

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Upcoming Class times  6:30 – 8:30 PM:

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Breastfeeding Class is  $60.00*

To register for the Basics of Breastfeeding class:
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2.  After paying, you will be brought to a page with a form
3. After completing the form and submitting, Lori will confirm receipt  by emailing you within 24 hrs.

Any questions about classes or payment Contact me


What  people are saying about Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC

“Lori is truly the Mercedes in the breastfeeding community 🙂 Lori was there on day 2 of my baby girl’s life. She asked me to demonstrate the feeding that my baby and I were sharing. After a close watch she suggested a change. That change saved both my breasts from pain and my baby from starvation! Lori will be there right after delivery for my future child”


“I would highly recommend Lori to anyone struggling with breastfeeding. Lori was extremely informative and made me feel comfortable and confident that we could improve our situation. She answered all my questions and made sure to follow up after the appointment with helpful information and videos. Thank you Lori!”


“I didn’t think I needed to take a breast feeding class because breast feeding is so natural. My doctor recommended Lori’s class to me and I’m glad she did. My husband and I had a one on one class/meeting due to my husbands crazy work schedule. Lori was super nice and made us feel so comfortable and answered any silly questions I had. She taught us tons, things I wouldn’t have even thought of. It was well worth the time and money!”

...Jordan O

Advocating for the breastfeeding family.

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