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Brandi Walerius

” Early breastfeeding was magical.  I never felt so connected to a human being than I did in those moments.  It is something I remember just vividly.”

Brandi Walerius

Episode 012     Brandi Walerius  is a Human Resource and Business Consultant and Group Development Manager for Mom-mentum.

Her Story:

Brandi Walerius grew up in a traditional household for the time. Her Dad worked outside the home and her mother was a stay at home mom until she returned to school years later and became an RN. She feels good about being brought up in a family with strong work ethics and with a philosophy that said:  “family is everything”.  She is the middle child, with  a brother 4 years older and another brother 4 years younger than her.  Brandy made me laugh when she revealed that as a youngster she  wanted to own a candy store. As a young adult, she wanted to be a lawyer, however, ultimately went to school and became educated in HR work.  There was something about everything being black and white  that really attracted me to the law.  However, I eventually became involved with HR  and started my own content writing firm and Mom-mentum became a client of mine. I had my first baby and everything went very well. I did not feel the need for a support group.  After my second baby was born, I experienced more of a challenge and I looked for the support of like minded mothers.  I needed help through this confusing and challenging time of my life.  I fell in love with the organization.  I think the second time around, I found it harder to have control.  I wanted to be supermom, you know the one who did pinterest crafts and had dinner on the table every night and I just wanted to do it all.  But after my second child, reality just hit  me really hard. This is why I joined Mothers Center.  Brandy was surprised to learn that her mother did not breastfeed her.  I am a planner.  Things don’t come naturally to me and I like to practice learning things.  Because I could not practice breastfeeding ahead of time, I read and researched and took classes, taking notes and highlighting articles.  I had pictures and arrows and diagrams.  I was really nervous about not being able to “get it” largely because I could not practice it at first.  With all of my anxiety, my early breastfeeding went really easy.  It was comfortable, my baby thrives, gained well and met all the developmental milestones.  Brandy returned back to work at 10 weeks postpartum.  This was another transition that she became anxious about.  Listen to the show as Brandy shares how she prepared for this next transition

  Lesson learned: Brandi Walerius said I just want mothers to know how important it is to find support.  There is just something about knowing that you are not alone on this motherhood Island that ust makes life and parenting so much more doable.   That is why I fell in love with Mom-mentum is because it is that support that I was looking for with like -minded mothers who all have different approaches but we all want what is best for our families

Funny stuff:  Listen to the show to hear Brandy tell a very funny story about pumping at work.  You will have a few good belly laughs.

Words of wisdom to the new mother:  I am doing a good job.  Even if it is does not feel that way, or I don’t think that I am.  I need to  know that I am.  I question mysel. f I doubt myself especially in the early days of motherhood and I shouldn’t do that because in the end i know that I am doing he best I can at the time  I need to know that I am.  I doubt myself

Mothers Organization:

Contact info: consultant for Mom-mentum a 501c3 national organization that     NW Ohio

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