This series highlights some hot topics most concerning new moms

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Breastfeeding Bites Podcasts

Episode 217

Season 7 –    Breastfeeding Bites #1 – Normalize Breastfeeding

In this show, Episode # 217, Lori introduces this seasons theme called Breastfeeding Bites.  This is going to be a series of educational shows about breastfeeding that are meant to talk about all the various aspects of breastfeeding.  Lori would like the global world to know that breastfeeding means different things to different people.

Ultimately though, breastfeeding is just a normal thing that moms do in their everyday life of taking care of their babies.  Moms, hug and rock and sing to and clam down and sleep with and change diapers.  We cook and clean and shop and play with our babies.  In between all of our daily activities, it is normal for a mom to just breastfeed her baby.

Just like millions of mothers have always been doing.  It is normal to breastfeed your baby.  That is our take home message.  Listen in next week as Lori brings to you some information about breastfeeding babies and their teeth.

Show Info:

So glad you are here for our Breastfeeding Bites. The place where we give you small bites of good information that you can take in, a little at a time.

To kick off our Breastfeeding Bites theme, I thought it would be fun to start off talking about your babies teeth. Let’s start with one of the most popular myths surrounding breastfeeding that was quite prevalent when my kids were younger. At most pediatric visits, I was told that I should stop breastfeeding at night because it increased by babies risk for cavities. In fact, I was often told that by babies would definitely get cavities if I did not stop this behavior.
vertical transmission from mom to baby
window of infectivity
results: prolonged breastfeeding was not a risk factor for early childhood caries – studied human skulls – showed minimal decay and bad bites were also rare.

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Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC

Lori j Isenstadt, IBCLCLori Jill Isenstadt, IBCLC is a huge breastfeeding supporter.  She has spent much  of her adult life working in the maternal health field. Once she became turned on to birth and became a childbirth educator, there was no stopping her love of working with families during their childbearing years.  Lori became a Birth doula and a Postpartum doula and soon became a lactation consultant.  She has been helping moms and babies with breastfeeding for over 25 years.  Lori founded her private practice, All About Breastfeeding where she meets with moms one on one to help solve their breastfeeding challenges.  She is an international speaker, book author and the host of the  popular itunes podcast, All About Breastfeeding, the place where the girls hang out.  You can reach Lori by email at: [email protected] or contact her via her website:

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