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Ben Ta’ati

Instead of anticipating pain, she was anticipating joy and that really made all the difference and I can totally see how mothers can be discouraged of wanting to continue to breastfeed  and that encouragement and looking forward to it, I think increases the bond that you make with your child and vice versa.

Ben and Homeopathic Medicine


Episode 92   Homeopathic  Medicine

with Ben Ta’ati. He  is a Registered Homeopath who has been in practice for 20 years.  He often lectures at universities, libraries, and various community centers.
Ben Ta’ati, CCH, RSHom, is Board Certified in Classical Homeopathy and is a Registered Homeopath with the North American Society of Homeopaths.  Ben has practiced Homeopathic medicine for 20 years, teaching extensively as a faculty, and having served as Department Chair and Director at the American Medical College of Homeopathy. He often lectures for wide-ranging audiences including Universities, Hospitals, Libraries and various Community Centers, educating the public and medical professionals about the scientific principles and efficacy of Homeopathy in clinical settings.


His Story.

Growing Up: Ben was born in Persia, in Tehran, Iran. When he was about 8-9 years old, the climate started to change when an Islamic government took over Iran. Things have not been good there since that time. His friends and family members were being persecuted which forced him to leave Iran to come to the United States as a refugee with having obtained religious asylum.

Oral abscess: He had a bad abscess and was prescribed antibiotics. He was not thrilled with having to take it. Ben met a friend who schooled him in homeopathics, asked him a few questions and suggested a few tiny pellets and the next morning the abscess was about 90% better and completely gone within 48 hours. He had no doubt in his mind that it was the remedy that helped. This spurred his interest in homeopathy and he decided to study this further.

Homeopathy explanation: Ben takes the time to give us a history of homeopathy, the founder, where and how it was started. The process of cure must be gentle, rapid and permanent. Through clinical experimentation, he came to understand that the effective drugs must produce symptoms in healthy people similar to what the disease presentation was. Ben also explains the dilution process. Homeopathic medicine is completely void of any toxicity, which is very unique to homeopathic medicines. This is particularly helpful to mothers during their pregnancy and breastfeeding history.

Ben’s experience with breastfeeding: He feels that the process of breastfeeding was made more complicated than it needed to be and how it was explained to his wife created a situation where breastfeeding was painful. Once his wife met with an IBCLC, and was shown different techniques, there was an immediate reduction in her pain. His wife breastfed for well over a year and they are very happy about that.

He and his wife were working with a midwife for the birth process and he now realizes that there should have been an introduction to an IBCLC during the pregnancy. They thought they were going to have all the information they needed as far as breastfeeding and realized in hindsight that there should have been more information. Based on his experience, he now suggests to all his pregnant patients that they seek assistance from an IBCLC during their pregnancy.

Ben talks about his personal experience watching his wife struggle with early breastfeeding: It was extremely difficult and a feeling of helplessness that was upsetting to him. He recognizes that while he was very helpful to his wife, it was not going to get better until the breastfeeding trauma ended.

Ben recognizes the importance of the Dad, the partner to be actively involved in educating about breastfeeding as they are the ones at home reminding mom of what information she has been taught.

Contact Info:
Phone # 602-888-7222

Reference: Homeopathic Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Homeopathic Treatments

Part 2

Ben discusses homeopathic use for womens health issues – pre-pregnancy, prenatally and postpartum. All mother’s can benefit from seeking homeopathic care during pregnancy as this will help strengthen their immune system and act as preventative medicine.

Moms commonly seek out homeopathic care for the first time, when conventional medicine is not working for them.

Ben suggests moms enter into homeopathic care during their pregnancy for an evaluation so they can work on bringing their body into a healthy and balanced stated, before they have a basic or chronic medical issue.

Postpartum issues are more likely to present itself when previous health issues were not addressed and corrected during pregnancy. Other health issues may now become magnified.

Ben discusses some fascinating information about how he has observed the differences homeopathy care can make to the mother during her pregnancy which will overflow into making a difference in her babies health status.
Ben also discusses the positive emotional differences he observes in moms when they are in more in a state of balance during pregnancy.

Remedies: Ben helps to clear up some common questions about single and multiple remedies. Parents are interested to learn how they can help their families on their own with basic homeopathic information. They also want to know when it is safe to work with your kids on your own and when it is they need to seek professional help.

Contact Info:
Phone # 602-888-7222

Reference: Homeopathic Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Homeopathic Treatments

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