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The 3 most common questions I am asked on a Daily Basis:

                   #1  Do I have grandchildren?

                   #2 How did you become a Lactation Consultant?

                   #3 How many consults have you had?


Hi, I’m Lori J. Isenstadt.
On the personal side of life, I have been married to Alan Isenstadt for 37 years. We both grew up on Long Island, NY and 19 years ago, moved to Arizona with our 3 children. Speaking of children, they are all now adults. Both my girls, Alisha and Carly are married. No kids yet – I figured I would just get that out there cause the #1 question I get asked all the time is if I have grandkids! The girls are happy in love and have careers they enjoy and are just taking their sweet time. My son Jesse is a physician in his second year of residency in Washington State

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On the professional side of life,  I am an IBCLC, which stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  The #2 question I get asked in my daily life is:  How did you become a Lactation Consultant. The exact answer is that I was fortunate enough to meet one of the most highly respected and very experienced IBCLC’s in the Valley of the Sun.

All About Lori J Isenstadt IBCLC
This is the short story of how I came to my training as an IBCLC:

After the birth of my first baby I realized I was not incredibly thrilled  with my birth or breastfeeding experience. This led me to learn all I could  so I could have a better experience for future births.  Along the way I became a certified childbirth educator and a certified birth doula in between my second and third birth. Now  incredibly thrilled with my second and third birth experiences I now became a mother on a mission to let others know their prenatal, birth and breastfeeding options.  I taught childbirth and breastfeeding classes in my home, hospitals, and birthing centers.  I attended over 100 births and taught several hundred classes before moving to Arizona.

All About Lori J Isenstadt

I had the good fortunate to become employed as a childbirth educator at 2 large city hospitals in Phoenix. Here is where I met Bonnie Jones, IBCLC my incredible mentor.  If you have ever experienced the benefits of a fabulous mentor, you will understand it when I say that Bonnie was worth her weight in gold.

Under her guidance, I spent the next two years observing and assisting breastfeeding women in a variety of settings.  This is how I gained experience helping mothers with a wide variety of breastfeeding challenges.  Once I fulfilled my clinical requirements, I was eligible to take an International exam that is given once a year. Once I passed my boards and received the highly respected title of IBCLC, I have continued learning and every 5 years I re-certify to keep my skills updated.

Life’s Transitions:

In 2007, I transitioned from working at a large  City hospital in Phoenix, AZ  and local Breastfeeding Clinic to opening my private practice.  All About Breastfeeding, is my company that I founded 10 years ago. I spend all my working days with mothers and babies and breastfeeding.  My life’s work is to ensure that every day I do my absolute best to educate, support and advocate for the breastfeeding family.

All About Lori J Isenstadt
How many mothers have you worked with in helping them with breastfeeding?

Most asked question #3 is: How many consults have you had? I shake when I realize what the answer is. When I write the numbers, it sounds crazier than crazy. However, the truth is, I have intimately worked with well over 15,000 mothers and their babies, in a private consultation to help them work through their breastfeeding challenges. This does not include all the classes I have taught, in-services I have conducted with other health care professionals, presentations I have given or Skype consults I have conducted. Wow, looking back, that’s a lot of mom’s and babies.

Breastfeeding Consults

Life’s Additions: 

 2015 was another year of major business changes.  I continue to provide breastfeeding help to mothers as I grow my business. In 2016 I started my podcast, now  I have over 200 podcasts with Mothers, Authors, Doctors and Midwives. Read more here.

All About Mothering:  I have also expanded the services I provide to families who are searching to be well informed during the time period during conception through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum.  Please  join All About Mothering, the membership site I developed to meet the needs of mothers who want to learn more about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and want to connect with other moms all over the world.

How do mothers find their way to you? 

The great wide world of the internet enables mothers all over the world to find me.  Locally, I work closely with pediatricians, midwives, naturopathic doctors, obstetricians physical therapist and cranial sacral therapists to bring the VERY BEST care to breastfeeding mothers.  Globally – mothers find me from my website –   and most recently from listening to my podcast..


All About Lori J Isenstadt

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