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breastfeeding skype consult

Breastfeeding Support Group


Online breastfeeding mothers group – This is a mother to mother support group which through information, education and support, encourages a confident and positive approach to newborn mothering and breastfeeding.  .

“I never realized how important it was to be around other new mothers – until I had my baby.  Not everyone understands the breastfeeding mother and how hard it can be sometimes.  A huge plus is the convenience of meeting online so there is no need to drive to a group.  There is nothing better than getting to know other moms who all know exactly how you feel.  Having an experienced IBCLC educating and supporting us is very helpful too”

breastfeeding skype consult

Breastfeeding help for Arizona Residents


Breastfeeding should not hurt – at all.  Please don’t stay home suffering with pain or supply issues.Breastfeeding is a learned art and skill, unique to every mother and baby.  Schedule your consult so I can help you resolve your breastfeeding challenges  

“I went to Lori with my newborn and I left extremely relieved. Since my visit, I have had significant less pain and am so happy to nurse my son. She is professional, honest, and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely go to her for consults or advice again. “

Arizona phoenix peoria glendale consults are available for home and office visits

Breastfeeding Skype Consult


Sometimes you have questions or concerns about breastfeeding your baby is born.  You know those questions that keep you up at night –  Will your breast surgery or medication you take or health challenge you have – interfere with breastfeeding? How do you work with an unsupportive partner or other member?  The best pump or bra or nursing clothes or pillows to use?  So many topics to cover and I help you work through it all and provide answers that best fits your unique situation.

I had a wonderful experience with Lori! She was patient and encouraging and answered all my questions.  I had lots of fears going into breastfeeding and she validated my concerns and responded in a very professional manner.  Her easy going attitude made me feel comfortable talking to her. She has so  many resources to share and knew exactly what I needed.  I highly recommend you consulting with her.  It was money well spent.”

breastfeeding skype consult

Pregnancy to Postpartum – Individualized consultations for each stage


Let’s work together to make the transition to motherhood a smooth one for you.  There are many decisions to make beginning from what your first trimester through the first 3 months at home.  I listen to all your concerns, questions and offer you resources and information and education.  I answer your questions and together we develop a plan that is going to take you from being frazzled  and unsure to feeling organized and prepared to have your baby.

“Lori was amazing.  She was incredibly informative and had a nice easy going personality.  When I first met  her I was feeling quite overwhelmed. She was able to take all  my concerns and answer each one in depth.  There are tons of breastfeeding products that I was dizzy with the choices.  Lori helped me make wise decisions that I know saved me a lot of money. I highly recommend Lori.”

breastfeeding podcast

Breastfeeding Podcast


All About Breastfeeding podcast – FREE – Listen to mothers share their breastfeeding stories, learn the most up to date breastfeeding information, hear authors talk about their latest books.

“Wow!  Just from listening to the introduction, I was already hooked. The host Lori is fun, personable, and really relatable. The interviews she shares highlights so many different mothers and breastfeeding experiences, that any listener is sure to find multiple mothers which they can really relate to, connect with and learn from.  Thanks for providing a great resource and a unique way to learn through others’ experiences.!”

breastfeeding resourse library

Resource Library


 Free Resource Library –  Here are some very cool checklists that you can download that will help you with the early days of breastfeeding.

“I have some excellent handouts and checklists for you to utilize right away.  There are resources being added every week, so be sure to check back frequently.  Feel free to share this page with all pregnant and new moms you know.  Lori “

What  people are saying about Lori J. Isenstadt, IBCLC

“Lori is truly the Mercedes in the breastfeeding community 🙂 Lori was there on day 2 of my baby girl’s life. She asked me to demonstrate the feeding that my baby and I were sharing. After a close watch she suggested a change. That change saved both my breasts from pain and my baby from starvation! Lori will be there right after delivery for my future child”


“I would highly recommend Lori to anyone struggling with breastfeeding. Lori was extremely informative and made me feel comfortable and confident that we could improve our situation. She answered all my questions and made sure to follow up after the appointment with helpful information and videos. Thank you Lori!”


“I didn’t think I needed to take a breast feeding class because breast feeding is so natural. My doctor recommended Lori’s class to me and I’m glad she did. My husband and I had a one on one class/meeting due to my husbands crazy work schedule. Lori was super nice and made us feel so comfortable and answered any silly questions I had. She taught us tons, things I wouldn’t have even thought of. It was well worth the time and money!”

...Jordan O

Advocating for the breastfeeding family.